Current Goat Stock

Below are our current breeding females and male.


Heidrun (Heidi)

Heiðrún, a magical goat who consumes the foliage of the Laeraor tree and produces beer from her udders. Some accounts have her producing mead, a honey-based wine (and likely among the earliest fermented beverages).

Mythology aside, she is our leader, queen of the herd. Because of this, she gets to bare the herd bell. The sound dances across the cool pasture, along with the sound of forever hungry goats.



Paisley is our sweetest little goat. She is always happy to see us and will put a smile on your face. She if typically the favorite of visitors.




Karmen is always our troublemaker. Quick to be the one after food. And when given the chance, will get it at all costs